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Covid-19 Related Info

Measures and restrictions

During the outbreak of pneumonia by the new Coronavirus – COVID-19 the Portuguese government has been taking all necessary public health measures to protect the entire population, and is currently in the 4rd phase of the reopening plan. The analysis of the evolution of the outbreak is reviewed every week and implementation of new measures will be carried out whenever necessary.

4th Phase – Measures implemented on May 1
Except in the municipalities of Odemira (restrictions from the 1st phase are maintained); Carregal do Sal and Resende (maintain restrictions on the 2nd phase); Cabeceiras de Basto and Paredes (maintain 3rd Phase restrictions)
– Opening of restaurants, cafés, and pastry shops until 10.30 p.m. Groups of 6 people are allowed inside or 10 people on terraces;
– Large outdoor and indoor events allowed with reduced occupancy.

In order to prevent the spread of the virus and the possibility of contagion, all services should take hygiene and sanitisation measures according to the indications of the Directorate-General for Health, with specific measures for various sectors of activity.

General behaviour guidelines were enacted, in which all people must adopt a social distance (2 meters) and the use of face masks is mandatory in public transport and services, shops and supermarkets, in closed spaces or in places with many people.

Travel within Portuguese territory / Border restriction
On land borders with Spain there are no restrictions on movement since 1 May.
Citizens coming from Brazil, Cyprus, Croatia, France, India, Lithuania, Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden entering Portugal by land must comply with a 14-day quarantine period at home or at a place indicated by the health authorities.

Anyone who is obliged to comply with the 14-day prophylactic isolation in Portugal must register with SEF – Foreigners and Borders Service before entering the country at https://travel.sef.pt.

Trips to the Azores and Madeira Islands

Passengers flying to the Madeira archipelago must comply with one of the following options:

1. Submit a negative test to COVID-19 performed within 72 hours prior to departure;

2. Present a medical document certifying that the holder is recovered from COVID-19 disease at the time of landing, issued within the last 90 days;

3. Present a vaccination certificate against COVID-19, respecting the period of activation of the immune system foreseen in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC);

4. Perform test on arrival and await the result in prophylactic isolation;

5. Perform voluntary isolation, for a period of 14 days, at home or in a hotel accommodation.

More information at www.visitmadeira.pt.

Passengers flying to the Azores archipelago :

To visit the Azores, the SARS-CoV-2 screening test is MANDATORY, within 72 hours preceding the flight from the airport of origin, carried out using the RT-PCR methodology, with NEGATIVE result, making explicit reference to the identification of the person tested, the laboratory, the date of the test and the signature of the person responsible for its performance, which must be presented prior to boarding, in digital or paper support, without which boarding will be refused.

If the stay is longer than seven days, on the 6th and 12th day from the date SARS-CoV-2 first test was performed, the passenger must contact the health services of the county where is staying so that a second test can be performed.

More information at www.visitazores.com

Flights to and from the European Union and Schengen AreaThe resumption of air routes with the countries of the European Union, as well as in the Schengen Area, is dependent on border restrictions and on the evolution of the epidemiological situation worldwide. Therefore, before making a trip, it is important to consult the alerts and restrictions provided by foreign and border services, whether in the country where the trip starts as in Portugal (www.sef.pt), as well as checking the necessary procedures and documents with the airline .

Flights to and from Portugal are allowed for:
– Flights to and from the countries of the European Union or from Schengen Associated countries:

Countries with an incidence rate equal to or greater than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland
– Only “essential travel” is allowed
– Must present proof of a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time

Countries with an incidence rate equal to or greater than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days – Brazil, Cyprus, Croatia, France, India, Lithuania, Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden
– Only “essential travel” is allowed
– Must present proof of a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time
– It is compulsory to comply with a prophylactic isolation period of 14 days, at home or in a place indicated by the health authorities, after entering mainland Portugal

Flights from Ireland, Finland, Iceland and Malta have no restrictions, but passengers need a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time.

Embarkation and disembarkation of tourism cruises
Passenger boarding and disembarkation at Portuguese ports is not permitted, except for resident passengers.

The use of face masks is mandatory.
Public transports are limited to 2/3 of the capacity.
In taxis / TVDE, the front seats must be used only by the driver, and passenger occupancy cannot exceed 2/3 of the remaining space.

In vehicles with a capacity of 5 seats or less, they can be fully occupied if they belong to the same household.
If the vehicle has a capacity for more than 5 seats, its capacity is limited to 2/3 of the total, unless they are part of the same household.

Sales and consumption of alcoholic beverages
The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in service areas or gas stations and, from 9 p.m., in shops including supermarkets and hypermarkets.

The golf courses are in operation. The specific measures established by the Portuguese Golf Federation are available at www.fpg.pt.

Tourist accommodation has been adopting the “Clean & Safe” seal implemented by Turismo de Portugal, which allows the identification of establishments and services that have implemented enhanced hygiene and safety measures.
A general occupancy limitation has not been determined, but each accommodation unit must define a Contingency Plan to be applied in the COVID-19 context, with circulation rules in common areas, as well as hygiene and cleaning procedures.