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Loulé takes us back into a uniquely preserved remote past.

Loulé is a city of contrasts and unique charms in the Algarve. Its downtown cosmopolitan spirit is delicately balanced by the calmness of the blue sea and the vast landscape of orchards and wild vegetation in the hills.

Walking through its streets means communing with a place marked by History and by handcrafted and architectural traditions that linger on to this day and promise to win over visitors and make them wish for an early sweet comeback!

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With historical features that mark the city centre, Loulé owns a wide range of monuments, little corners of typical houses and unique alleys.

Loulé enjoys a prime location in the very core of the Algarve. Situated in a region of rolling hills that stretch between the picturesque villages of Serra do Caldeirão and the splendid Algarve coastline, Loulé is a bustling commercial town that contrasts with the laid-back seaside atmosphere of the seaside resorts.

From Loulé we bring the most pleasant memories of the genuineness and authenticity of its people, as well as the gastronomy and the well-preserved artisan knowledge.

As you explore the city’s historic streets, we come across those whose wisdom preserves the origins of the present in their hands – the artisans, the guardians of the past – daily recreating small bits of history, bringing to the everyday habits and traditions of many cultures who inhabited the region.

Throughout the Islamic period, Loulé was one of the main centres and one of the most celebrated places by the Arab geographers who described the Algarve territory. What remains of its castle and its walls testifies to its importance in the Islamic era, both for the size of the walled fence and its artistic and archaeological relevance.

Loulé constantly reminds us of ancient times preserved in the monuments of its historical area, real testimonies of a past artistically reproduced in several emblematic buildings, such as the Municipal Market, the city’s main landmark.

Awarded the Tourism Prize in 2008, the Municipal Market, also called “The Square”, is still the place of choice for many to purchase their goods, because this is the place where you can find the best fish, fruits and the freshest vegetables, as well as miscellaneous handicrafts.