About Portugal

Why Portugal?

Portugal is a destination full of idyllic places that will make you feel at home.

From the mild climate, the long hours of sunshine and the nearly 1,000km of coastline to the traditional gastronomy; from the cultural wealth to the sympathy of its people, there is no shortage of reasons to discover this “planted seaside garden”.

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Amazing Weather

The climate in Portugal is essentially mild and varies significantly from region to region, being influenced by several factors such as relief, latitude and continentality.

History & Heritage

Portugal has a vast and very particular history, marked by great achievements and glories that have left a valuable cultural, architectural and gastronomic heritage that is worth knowing from the inside.

Landscape Diversity

It is amazing how such a small territory as Portugal can contain such diverse landscapes and species, being capable of providing in any trip, however short, charming new discoveries to those who visit it.

Traditional Architecture

The Portuguese architecture is marked by the history of the country, absorbing influences from various civilizations, presenting varied styles and quite distinct references.

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